Soccer4pro aims to find clubs for their athletes, promoting their careers and helping them to achieve success, the company has a wide network of contacts, in order to uncover clubs for players without a contract or for those seeking a change to a higher level.
SOCCER4PRO has evolved positively, being requested by all the Big players to provide the most professional service e quality based in our proven track record.

- Marcos
Founder of the Soccer 4PRO
  • Career Management
  • Career Management


Career Management
  • 1) Rating: Identify current player abilities and possibilities of his progress (progress estimate)

  • 2) Football SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat

  • 3) Player's needs: Identify sports and financial player's needs

  • 4) Goals: Identify common goals: short-term goals and long-term goal

  • 5) Career Strategy: The choice of the best strategy - set up a career strategy suited to player level skills

  • 6) Looking for new club: Preparation of player's offer addressed to clubs - in order to obtain the best player offer of employment: CV, Video, Statistics

  • 7) New Contract: Select the best proposal of new contract: Place (country & city), progress possibility, brand strength of the club, time of contract, basic salary, additional bonus, additional benefits

  • 8) Make a choice of New Club Comparing offers and making common choice about laying for new club

  • 9) Negotiating: Conducting of negotiations on behalf of the player

  • 10) Signing a contract: Legal analysis of new contract and signing

  • 11) Soccer4PRO activities after signing a new contract by our player with a new club:

    a) Observation of player - cooperating with the club
    b) Watching games and analysis of his performances - eliminating errors and improving his skills.
    c) Working on increasing marketing value of player
    d) Preparation of marketing offer for sponsors
    e) Taking actions to promote player on football market
    f) Informing scouts and sending them invitations to observe our player
    g) Reporting about our player to new potential clubs
    h) Looking for a new opportunities

Vamara Sanogo

Our marketing activities support the management of player's Career increasing player market value. Through the appropriate attributes of promotion we want to express an player's identity and build his appropriate image.

  • Soccer4PRO marketing activities include following attributes of promotion:

  • advertising activities - BTL (Below the Line):
    Retail printed advertising material and gadgets (flyers, posters, business cards, Clothing ,pens, lanyards ... etc.)
    Direct Mailing,
    Official website of player,
    Management of official social portals like FanPage

  • advertising activities - ATL (Above the Line):
    -celebrity endorsement,
    -standard advertising activities carried through traditional public media, ie. television, radio, newspapers,
    -outdoor and indoor advertising

  • Managing of Public Relation (PR)

  • On behalf of our players we prepare individual marketing offers to recruit sponsors.
    We get sponsors providing high quality sport equipment (boots, clothes) for our players

    We allow for companies to use the image of our players to promote their products. Using celebrity endorsement can gain a competitive advantage on the market for our clients.

  • we provide to our players:
    -drafting and reviewing contracts: sponsor - player / club - player;
    -editing sponsorship contracts
    -protection of contractual agreements,
    -writing pleadings,
    -player image, protection of personal rights of player
    -writing requests for payment

  • Welcome to Goslaw Sport Center represented by Soccer4PRO. GSC is a large professional sport center covering a total area of around 7 ha, our base is localized in southern part of Poland. We would be most grateful if you would check the possibilities offered by us to professional football teams. Your satisfaction is an assessment of our quality. We look forward to the possibility of working together.
    Soccer4PRO Team

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  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center
  • Goslaw Sport Center

Dear Sirs,

We would like to warmly invite you to participate in our Football Showcase Event organized by Soccer4Pro. We are confident that our offer including friendly games against strong Polish teams, great prepared pitches for training session, a gym, wellness center and accommodation will help you to get your main football goals and allow you to be prepared perfectly to your season with a new contract and a new proffesional team. The offer is dedicated to players without clubs who are talented, ambition and future oriented. Showcase is a chance to begin your career and sign new contract with professional club in Poland.

• 9 Night’s accommodation
• Airport transfers in luxury bus,
• 2 x training sessions daily, drinking water included,
• Washing of sports kit after each training session,
• Training and Playing kit for every player
• Use of the SPA and gym
• Friendly matches against Polish Professional clubs.
• Scouts from Professional clubs will attend all matches.
• Agency representation (Optional)

We cordially invite you to cooperate and take advantage of our values.
I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Football Showcase event 2017 versão em português

Assessment of our effectiveness is the satisfaction of our players. Many players have trusted us and now they are our friends, not just customers. Satisfaction player is our greatest satisfaction as well.

For all our activities we take complete responsibility. Assessment of our quality is the satisfaction of our players.

People who build our company have a lot of experience and contacts around the world. Cooperating with us, each player has guarantees comprehensive care 24 hours a day. for everything we take full responsibility. We work with the best and future-oriented players. If you are good Join us!