Our Guests have at their disposal an athletic recovery zone includes three types of sauna, a relaxing Jacuzzi bath, showers for coolling the warmed-up body down and comfortable deck chairs. All this , surrounded with an exceptional mood and musing will allow you to achieve a state of deep relaxation.
In our offer you can choose:
- an Infrared Sauna - using quartz heaters, which heats up to 50°C allowing the warmth to permeate deep into the skin. The infrared action is similar to that of physical effort.
-a Dry Sauna with Aromatherapy - a mild variant of the Finnish Sauna with temperatures ranging from 60°C to 70° C with avarage humidity levels , enriched with therapeutic fragrance oil.
-a Traditional Finnish Sauna with temperatures ranging from 90°C to 100°C with low humidity levels.

We offer our patients comprehensive rehabilitation treatments. Physiotherapeutic treatments are performed by experienced therapists with TOP qualifications. Provision of rehabilitation services at the highest level is our motto. For this purpose, we use modern equipment and high competiences of our staff offer to each patient to regain their health and full physical fitness in the shortest time  possible. In our salon , manual therapy, massage, post-traumatic rehabilitation, physical therapy and kinesi therapy treatments are performed. These enable rehabilitation of all motor system dysfunctions resulting from traumas, excessive loads with a chronic  or pathological nature. At our center, you will find ideal conditions for performing exercises under the watchful eye of our personel.

We invite you to use our athletic recovery zone - a place for peace and relaxation!